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Health Insurance

At Kimbler Insurance, we will work hard to get you THE BEST value in insurance coverage for your specific needs and income bracket.


Health Insurance provides financial assistance if you become sick or injured. Health Insurance also covers preventative care (i.e. doctor visits, tests before getting sick).

Health Insurance doesn’t always cover 100% of your costs. Most policies are designed to share costs up to a certain point, called the Out-of-Pocket Limit. After you reach that limit, Health Insurance will pay 100% of the costs.

It is important to know the features of your Health Insurance Plan in order to have a policy that fits your needs. Some features to be aware of are:

  • Your Deductible: The amount that you owe first before insurance owes

  • Your Co-Payment: The amount that you pay upfront at appointments

  • Your Co-Insurance: The percentage of cost that you are responsible for versus what insurance covers

  • Your Out-of-Pocket Limit: The max limit that you’ll spend on Health costs in one plan year

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