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Contractors & Surety Bonds Insurance


At Kimbler Insurance, we will work hard to get you THE BEST value in insurance coverage for your specific needs and income bracket.

  • A Surety Bond is a 3-party agreement between the Principal (party whose obligations are guaranteed by the Surety), the Obligee (party requiring the bond and beneficiary of the bond), and the Surety Company (party providing bond).

  • Contractors Bonds are Surety Bonds for construction projects. A project owner (obligee) hires a contractor (principal) to fulfill a contract. The contractor obtains a surety bond through a surety producer and if the contractor does not fulfill the contract, the project owner will either be compensated by the surety company or another contractor will be hired to complete the contract.

    • There are 4 types of Contract Surety Bonds:

      • Bid Bond

      • Performance Bond

      • Payment Bond

      • Warranty Bond (aka Maintenance Bond)

  • Commercial Surety Bonds are bonds that guarantee performance of the obligation detailed in the bond. They can be required by individuals, businesses, and government entities.

    • There are 3 types of Commercial Surety Bonds we offer:

      • License & Permit Bonds

      • Public Official Bonds

      • Miscellaneous bonds (title bonds, utility bonds, etc.)

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